Golf Ball Cake! 

I get asked ALL THE TIME, "how'd you do that?!" So, here's a little tip on how I made this super cute 3d golf ball cake! 

After using the Fat Daddio's 8" ball pan to make two separate half "spheres", I filled and iced the ball. This particular cake was chocolate fudge with Nutella Swiss Meringue Buttercream..yum! 
Once it's chilled for a few hours in fridge, you can cover the ball in white fondant. I used Satin Ice.  This is the hardest part! You need to work really fast and be very careful to not get any creases in the fondant. Use a smoothing paddle to smooth out any bumps or indentations.  

And, here's the trick to make it go from white ball to white golf ball!! 

Depending on the size of your ball, you'll want to adjust the size of your teaspoon! Just carefully imprint the bottom side of the spoon...evenly spaced! 
And, voila! You have a golf ball! 

Dress it up with a party hat, grass, or whatever else you think makes it cute! 


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