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Cars Movie 3rd Birthday Party!

Jackson literally ONLY watched the Cars movies when he was a little boy. We never watched Mickey or Sesame Street or any of the other things little boys watched. We all had Cars memorized from start to finish, lol!! So, when we planned his 3rd birthday party this was truly the only option, haha! Thankfully there were so many ideas on Pinterest and lots of supplies in the party stores and on Etsy. It was a super easy party to plan! In fact, I had to reign my ideas in because there were just  TOO MANY!!

.  I tied these balloons together to mimic the colors of a traffic light! 

 We came up with all of our favorite quotes from the movies and then printed and framed them for decorations! The centerpieces were made from clipart printouts, flags, and plastic favor cups from WalMart! Y'all, I told you, this was the easiest party to find decorations for! 

Dessert Table!! My favorite part of any party :)  This awesome backdrop was designed by Pen & Parcel and printed by a local print s…

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