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Bulldog Groom's Cake

When your beloved pet can't be at your actual wedding,  you should totally have a sweet replica of them at your reception!!                                                                   Photography by  Brandon O'Neal Here's a few work-in-progress pics so that you can see how this was done!  First, I get as MANY pictures as possible from the client of their dog in every sitting, standing, and laying position! Once we've decided how they will be positioned in cake form, I use a picture of the pet in that actual pose to map out the cake structure! I'm not super technical on this part, (sorry!), so I do a lot of lose sketching and "eyeballing", haha!! Once I decide on the tools needed for structure, I head to Home Depot to get what I think will be needed.  I decided that I needed the main structure base points to be where his booty would be sitting and where his two front feet would rest. I screwe

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