Cars Movie 3rd Birthday Party!

Jackson literally ONLY watched the Cars movies when he was a little boy. We never watched Mickey or Sesame Street or any of the other things little boys watched. We all had Cars memorized from start to finish, lol!! So, when we planned his 3rd birthday party this was truly the only option, haha! Thankfully there were so many ideas on Pinterest and lots of supplies in the party stores and on Etsy. It was a super easy party to plan! In fact, I had to reign my ideas in because there were just 

Roadway entrance to the party! I taped black plastic table cloths to the ground and then used white duct tape for the middle easy!  The wreath was made with a simple grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby and Race Car Flags from Oriental Trading

I tied these balloons together to mimic the colors of a traffic light! 

Traffic Cones from Oriental Trading

 We came up with all of our favorite quotes from the movies and then printed and framed them for decorations! The centerpieces were made from clipart printouts, flags, and plastic favor cups from WalMart! Y'all, I told you, this was the easiest party to find decorations for! 

Dessert Table!! My favorite part of any party :) 
This awesome backdrop was designed by Pen & Parcel and printed by a local print shop.  All of the desserts, cakes and snacks were made by me - Sweet Stirrings

All of our snacks and desserts had a Cars "theme" and the adorable tags were designed by Pen & Parcel. 

Mater's Tater Chips! 
Chick Hicks Chicken Strips

White Wall Tires (white donuts) and
Luigi's Tower of Tires (chocolate donuts)

Lightning and Mater Cookie Pops

 Lightning McQueen and TowMater Cakes!

Sally's Cozy Cones: paper cones filled with trail mix! 
Dinoco Dipsticks: Chocolate dipped pretzels!

Probably one of my favorite purchases were these drink cups from Oriental Trading. How cute are these!! And, of course, all the drinks were at Flo's Refueling Station :) 

Water Bottle labels from this Etsy Shop

All of the paper products were bought at WalMart and I used a (clean) tool box and 
gas can as the decorations! 

Flag banners from here! 

One of the party activities...I rigged up a racetrack with stacked bricks covered with plastic table cloth and the ramps (that we never use) for our outdoor shed, lol! The kids loved it! 

Ramone's House of Body Art consisted of a real-life clown that face painted and made balloon characters!!! So much Fun!! Book HER now!! 

 No party is complete without a bouncy house :) This was a great one from Here!

My Sally tank top was found at Zazzle, Jackson's was purchased from Amazon,  and Dustin's Radiator Springs t-shirt was from this Etsy Shop

Party Favors!
Coloring packs, Bubbles, gummies, stickers, tattoos, 
and sugar cookies were put in the cutest bags from Amazon

Piston Cup Prizes (favor bags)!! 

Pictures were taken by the amazing TerriLynn Photo!


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