Hermes Purse

To celebrate a surprise 49 "1/2" birthday, this client requested a life-sized Hermes Constance bag. Because this particular bag is only 9"x6"x2", it had to placed on a larger cake in order to feed everyone! 

The requested Constance bag is made of camel colored leather and has gold hardware. I searched and searched for a leather texture mat and finally found one in the scrapbook section at JoAnn's. There must be one for cake decorating somewhere out there! I used a stitching tool to mark the stitch rows and then used royal icing to pipe the stitches. The real purse has a darker brown tint along the edges of the leather, so I used a brown powder to dust on the color. The "H" clasp and the strap hooks were painted with Super Gold luster dust. 

On the side of the cake, I matched the 49 1/2 logo from the invitation and piped on the detail. The border of the square cake was made with overlapping bands of ivory and camel fondant.
The square cake and the purse were both Red Velvet cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese filling. 

Here's a picture of the real Hermes bag. The cake one looks pretty similar if you ask me!! :)


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