Custom Wedding Cake Designs

One of my favorite parts of being a cake artist, is designing custom cakes. It's always really cool to see a sketch on paper come to life in real cake-form!
This couple was such a pleasure to work with. They had such great ideas and truly trusted my design capability. Here are the sketches and final products. I was really excited to see the finished product!

 The reception was in a beautiful ball-room, with three of the walls made entirely of windows. The jewel toned flowers set off beautifully with the ivory on ivory design of the cake. Each tier of cake is separated by a navy blue column. The couples' monogram was painted gold to set it apart from the rest of the piped design. 

The bridal cake was made entirely of strawberry cake and strawberry chiffon filling.

This groom's cake was one of the most creative cakes I've ever made! The theme of the cake was "the road stops of their relationship". The couple gave me a list of milestones in their relationship and I then incorporated it into a cake design!

 The road begins at the bottom with the soccer ball, where the couple met at a soccer camp. Then it goes to their trip to Austin for Halloween on 6th street. 

The road then leads to their trip to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve.  

 The next stop is at Texas A&M under the Century Tree. The groom gave his bride-to-be his fraternity lavaliere on Valentine's Day.

 The couple loves to go to the Renaissance fair together and this is their favorite act at the show...Ded Bob!

 The road then leads to Austin, where they moved for the groom's new job with Samsung. 

 And the next road stop is the engagement! The couple went to Alberta, Canada at Christmas time. The groom proposed on a hike in the mountains of the Banff National Park. There was a big waterfall by them and lots and lots of ice and snow!

The end of the road (or the beginning of their new life together) is the couple sitting on top of the world, symbolizing their love to travel together.
The groom's cake was half white almond cake with strawberry chiffon filling and half banana cake with peanut butter cream. 

Congrats Kaela and Landon!!


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