Grandmother's Lace

This was one of the most detailed wedding cakes I've ever made....and I enjoyed every minute of it!! The bride was inspired by her grandmother's lace tablecloth and her wedding gown was also made entirely of lace. So, she wanted her wedding cake to resemble lace! 

The entire cake was covered in an ecru fondant and then draped with hand cut fondant flowers and leaves. The appliques all have a fabric texture imprinted in them. After applying the layers of lace, I went back and hand piped on each design to give it more depth and character. 

The wedding was on New Year's Eve, so very appropriately, the guests were given champagne flute cookies to help toast the new year! 

Here are some pictures I took of the venue. Everything was so beautifully decorated...very elegant and formal!


  1. What a masterpiece, Laura-Kate! You are so talented!! -julie johanson

  2. Wow Laura Kate - your work still leaves me breathless. This is just beautiful.


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