Little rabbit foo foo, hopping through the forest....

It's Easter time!!!! Right after Christmas, Easter is my all time favorite holiday! Even when I was a kid, the Easter bunny ranked right up there with Santa. What's not to love about Easter?? There are lots of great Easter egg hunts the weeks before the holiday, there are so many great Easter songs to sing, you get to dye eggs pretty colors, you get to pick out a new beautiful spring dress to wear to Sunday church, and there's a huge basket full of candy when you wake up Sunday morning. And, of course, the most important reason for Easter, the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave! 

Every year I have zero will power when it comes to eating Easter candy...I always swear that my teeth are going to fall out sometime during March or April. There are sooo many great candies available this time of year....Peeps, Starburst Jelly Beans, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Cadburry Mini Eggs, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, Whoppers Speckled Eggs...the list could seriously keep going!! 
Well, this year I thought I would offer you a chance to order a cake (of course), in the shape of your favorite Easter candy! I made one, just to give you an absolute favorite candy of all - the yellow Peep! 

You can choose whatever candy you love! It could be a Reese's egg with a bite out of it, a big speckled egg, a chocolate bunny, etc.

And, of course, Easter cookies are available again this year. Here is one style you can choose from, hand-painted bunnes, chicks in eggs, eggs, and carrots. There are many other styles available, from fancy to cute and fun, so just let me know what you prefer!

The cookies make great gift boxes, as well!

I can also make cute Easter decorations for Petit Fours or Cupcakes.

Whether you are having a lunch or dinner party at your house or an Easter egg hunt for the kids....these desserts will make your celebration eggstra special!!!
Please contact me to order your Easter dessert! 


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