Pizza...It's whats for birthday cake!

I LOVE pizza. I love it so much that I could eat it EVERY day for the rest of my life. My husband knows not to ask me what I'm "in the mood for" for dinner, because he knows I'll say pizza every time :) So, obviously, I was overjoyed to make this pizza cake for a little boy's birthday party! 
The local pizza shop offers birthday parties where each kid gets to make their own pizza. How cool is that! This pizza cake fit perfectly into the theme of the party. But, even though it looks like a real pizza, it tasted like yummy chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream :)

 All of the toppings are made out of fondant and hand painted and dusted to look like real meat and veggies! The pizza sauce is buttercream colored red. And, the cheese is buttercream...that I "melted" with a kitchen torch! (that part was so much fun!!) The crust is white fondant that was airbrushed with ivory and brown to look toasted.

Hope you had an awesome birthday Jack!



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