Fairy Tale Wedding!

For those of you who know me, know that I am a little obsessed with princess and fairy tale stories...so, you can only guess how much fun I had making this 
Cinderella inspired wedding cake! 
This cake design was inspired by Carrie's Cakes Cinderella cake.  The top three tiers were sculpted to have slanted sides and curvy top edges.  The cake was covered in white and various shades of pink fondant. I used royal icing to pipe the bead borders and all of the filigree and scroll work. There are fondant drapes, swags, and flowers on the bottom tier. A beautiful glass slipper was placed on top of the cake, which was such a gorgeous final touch! I do believe this is my favorite cake I've made so far....

Alongside the beautiful bridal cake was an awesome Harry Potter cake! The groom is a big HP fan, so the bride thought it would be fun to surprise him with this cake. The Sorting hat and Snitch were made out of rice krispie treats and covered in modeling chocolate. The glasses, train platform sign, and wand were all made out of fondant. The spell book was made out of chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, covered in fondant and airbrushed. It was finished off with the spell "expelliarmus", which is the disarming charm. 


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