Bubble Guppies 1st Birthday!

Hi there! It has been a LONG time since I've made a blog post!! Lots of major "life events" have happened.....we moved from Austin, Texas to Zachary, Louisiana, had two babies, moved into a new house, built a cake studio, etc. etc. etc.....and I just left this blog behind! I've got all kinds of content saved and ready to share - details from parties I've planned, amazing weddings I've been a part of, how-to's in cake and cookie decorating...and so much more!!

To start off, I'm going to let you in on all the details of my son Jackson's 1st birthday (yes, this was almost 6 years ago, eek!!!)! 
This was the first birthday party I had ever planned, and boy did Pinterest take over me, my brain, my house, and my life! Haha!! Has anyone else had this happen to them?? There were just SO many ideas and I wanted to DO THEM ALL!!!!!!

So, Jackson was obsessed with the Nickelodeon tv show Bubble Guppies when he was a baby.....I had always said I was NEVER doing a character party...but he just loved it so much and it made him so excited - so I did it. Problem was, the tv show was fairly new, so there was NOTHING in the party stores and I had to get really creative! And, thankfully, some amazing vendors on Etsy also helped save the day! 

Of course, my main focus was the sweets table!! I made a "backdrop" using PVC pipes, like this.  And then just wrapped those cheap plastic table clothes around and around and around!  I had several white balloons on there to be "bubbles", but the wind was insane 
that day, so they kept falling off (ha!). 
"Crab Cake" cupcakes, Starfish Rice Krispies, and "Sea Coral" rock candy were a few of the desserts! I handmade the fondant Bubble Guppies characters for the cake (ahead of time!) and put them on a simple blue/watercolor "ocean" buttercream cake. 

French Macaron Oyster Shells! 
These were my favorite dessert on the table :) 

Sugar Cookies!

We were able to find a few stuffed animals at Wal-Mart, so that's what I used to make the wreaths, lol!! I'm telling you, there was hardly nothing made for this tv show yet!!
Jackson's Favorites! I have the absolute worse hand writing, so this was probably the hardest part of all my birthday projects! I think I re-did this board a half a dozen times. I got this super cute framed chalk board from HomeGoods and have used it for lots of parties since. 

Drink Station! I love these mason jar glasses with handles (from TJ Maxx) for parties! I always put a chalk board label on them so that everyone can write their name on their glass.  At the last minute, I did a "photoshoot" of Jackson with a big smash cake and then ordered this canvas print from Walgreens.

 Food Table! 

I used a whale cookie cutter to make "Cheesy Whales"! 

"Fish Food", recipe here 

"Fish & Chips" = potato chips and gold fish crackers.
Note to self....grease starts to show through brown paper sacks!!

Jello poured into a fish ice cube tray = Jelly Fish!

Peanut Butter & Jelly-Fish Sandwiches! 
I used a jellyfish cookie cutter to cut them out! 

"Jelly fish" made from paper lanterns and paper mache. 

 I was able to find a great vendor on Etsy to make these wood cutouts of the characters! They are no longer a shop, but I will sell mine if you want them (lol!). I just added some colorful wire decor found in the wreath section of Hobby Lobby to look 
like sea weed in the centerpieces. 

You can't have a Bubble Guppies party without a bubbles station :) 

A photo of Jackson for each month leading up to his birthday! 
It's amazing how much babies change from infant to one year old!! 

 Despite his double ear infection, little buddy had lots of fun at his party :) 
His adorable shirt was from this site 

 The "fishketball" episode was always one of Jackson's favorites! So, I found a bean bag toss game at a party store and just recovered the front using poster board and online 
printouts of characters! 

 Water bottle labels from here 

I searched the world over for a Jenny Lind high chair before Jackson was born. I finally found one through Craig's List and painted it with Duck Egg Blue Annie Sloan chalk paint (if you've never used that, it's amazingly easy! If you are local, I get mine here). Jackson was super tired by the time we got to the smash cake, so he wasn't very happy about it, ha!! But, his adorable outfit came from here

Instead of gifts, we asked for donations to the Zachary Food Pantry, and we ended up donating over 200 lbs of food!! So awesome!! I made this "thanks!" sign using a foam core board, Cricut letter cutouts, and a printout of Mr. Grouper I found online. 

This chalk board (found at TJ Maxx) was redone about a dozen times as well, lol!!! I can decorate cakes and cookies all day long, but CANNOT write with a pen or marker....so crazy!! The favor bags were filled with bubbles (of course) and fish sugar cookies! 

All of my super cute paper products were designed by Pen & Parcel 

And, photography was by Hank with Amy Martin Photography 

Please leave comments or ask questions!! I'd love to hear what you think!



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  7. Where did you get the decor on the bubble guppie cake


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