Thursday, April 26, 2012

18th Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake!

I had the chance to make an 18th birthday cake for my husband's sweet cousin, Jessica, last month. She's a super fun, sweet, beautiful I had to make the cake all those things! It's a topsy turvy cake that includes animal print on Tiffany blue, stripes, and polka dots. The bottom tier says Happy 18th Birthday all around the cake and there's a big gold 18 on top of the cake!

Jessica wanted a real Tiffany box for her birthday, so I made some Tiffany box petit fours for her! And, she got that real one she wanted too :)

The birthday girl!

The birthday girl and my hubby!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here Lately

I've been very busy lately making lots and lots of cakes and cookies, and haven't had time to post them for you to here are a few!

Cookie Party Favors for an Engagement Party 

Cookie Party Favors for a 90th Birthday Party

Cookie Place Cards for a Bridal Luncheon

Birthday Present Cookie

18th Birthday Cookie 

Birthday Cake Cookie 

Converse Shoe Cookies

 Bridal Shower Petit Fours, Bride and Groom Initials

Cookie Favors for a Mexican themed party

Cookie Favors for Bridal Shower 
(Bride hiking gown to show off running shoes!)

Celebration Cake

Birthday Cake