Running Shoe Cake!

I must say, I was super giddy when I received this cake order! Running has been a passion of mine since high school.  I love it so much that I trained for and ran several half marathons and a full marathon about a year ago!  
This birthday girl runs with the same running group I used to run for and is a marathon runner herself.  For her birthday party, she wanted her favorite running shoe as her birthday cake. How exciting!! And what made it even more fun was her favorite shoe is neon blue and green! So, as soon as I got this order I went out and bought the shoes....I had to have the real life thing sitting in front of me if I was going to sculpt it out of cake! Thankfully the store accepts returns if the shoes were never worn :)
So, here it is....the Saucony Mirage sitting on top of a zebra print and neon green gift box. I hope you had an amazing birthday, Ginger!

 Sculpted and iced cake, before the fondant and details. 

Outer side of shoe

 Back of shoe

 Inner side of Shoe

 Top of shoe

Cake shoe with the real shoe

The gift box was made of banana cake, caramel, and chocolate ganache filling. The shoe was made of coconut cake, lemon mascarpone filling, and fresh raspberries. 


  1. Are you willing to share how you made the mesh detail on the shoe as well as box the lime green "cover" so even all the way around? Did you lay the fondant on first and then trip? Thanks!

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